Iconic Baobab trees are dying!!!! Baobab beer!!

Africa faces a multitude of problems and climate change has been a big issue since the 80’s.  The word iconic is thrown around a lot today, however, baobab trees are truly a special species of tree.  Along with the acacia, baobab trees are of course mentioned in Spirits of the Land because of their iconic nature and their integral exchange with the people of Africa.  Baobab trees are called the trees of life as they provide food, water and medicine.  There is even a brewery in Cornwall, England (St. Austell) that makes a Hefeweizen style beer from the fruit.     Please read the article above and purchase Spirits of the Land for your summer reading pleasure

And check out the link below to find out about 9 fascinating baobab tree facts


Here is the link for the baobab beer



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